Irmin Bernstädt

1976 Born on 6th August in Wiesbaden Germany
2007 Graduate degrees in mathematics and biology
at the Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe University Frankfurt/Main Germany
since 2007 Teacher at a junior high school
for mathematics, social studies and biology
Group digital showcased Exhibitions
April 2018 “Minimalism”
August 2018 “Mostly White”
October 2018 “Silhouettes and Shadows”
February 2019 New York Fashion Week
March 2019 “Minimalism”
March 2019 “Fiesta International del Arte”
March 2019 International Art Expo
April 2019 Barcelona International Biennial
April 2019 “Tribut to Da Vinci
April to July 2019 Yoko Ono “
May 2019 “Mostly Black
May 2019 “Artwork in Digital Exhibition
September 2019 International Art Festival “Freedom and Peace” Haegeumgang Theme Museum
Korea 1th September
Nov/Dez 2018 Art International Contemporary Magazin
Dez 2018 Publikation of the catalog “International Prize of Caravaggio Artist”
Jan/Feb 2019 Art International Contemporary Magazin
Feb 2019 Publikation of the catalog “International Prize of Botticelli Artist”
March 2019 Artisti 19`
March/April 2019 Art International Contemporary Magazin
April 2019 Publikation of the catalog “International Prize of V
April 2019 Publikation of the catalog
E – 65207 Wiesbaden – Germany Phone: 0049176/81157244
August in Wiesbaden, Germany
raduate biology
Johann- Wolfgang- Goethe University Frankfurt/Main, Germany

  • Art Nordic – Copenhagen – Denmark
    – 5th Base Gallery – London – GB
    – ArtMarket – Budapest – Ungary
    – “Constanza Fashion” – New York
    – MIA Foto Fair – Milan – Italy
    – Santana Art Gallery – Madrid
  • Flyer Art Gallery – Rom
    – MEAM Museum – Barcelona
    Vinci” – MADS Milano – Milano – Italy
    Peace is Power” – MdbK Leipzig – Germany
    Black” – BBA Gallery – Berlin – Germany
    Exhibition” – Manila – Philippines
    – 30th October 2019
    “ Bienale Barcelona MEAM Museum
    – Spain
    Contact: Irmin Jenni Bernstädt – Am Burgacker 4 – 65207 Wiesbaden – Germany Phone: 0049176/81157244 Email:
    Selected Awards
    Dez 2018 International Prize of Caravaggio – Great Master of Art – Milan – Italy
    Feb 2018 International Prize of Botticelli – Florenz – Italy
    April 2019 International Prize of Velazquez – Barcelona – Spain
    Dez 2018 Finalist of the Global Art Award 2018
    2019 Nominee at the Kitz Art Award 2019
    2019 Nominee at the Palm Art Award 2019
    Artistik Move Europe
    Kunst International Stuttgart
    Intention of my Artwork
    My art is a modern conceptual- abstract-art photography. One of the most crucial aspects is finding matter
    that I want to explore or capture. Mostly I go out in nature, experimenting with commonplace situations. So I
    photograph the harmless sky, a harmless puddle or ice and begin to capture abstract effects like reflections,
    shadows, colors, patterns and textures. I transform these pictures digital so they look like a “symbiotic”
    between photography and painting.

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