Julia Wernig

Julia Wernig alias Schindluders Lockspeisen

1983* in Leoben


2004             Kolleg für Objektdesign und Kunsthandwerk für Glas , Kramsach

2017             Tätowierausbildung, Innsbruck

2011-2020   Lehrerin  für Bildnerische Erziehung und Textiles/Technisches Werken

                      am Alten Gymnasium Leoben

2020            Künstlerin


2000             Gruppenausstellung in der Raiffeisenbank, Leoben

2001             Innenraumgestaltung der Lebenshilfe, Trofaiach

2003             Zillertaler Bierglas- und Flaschengestaltung, Zillertal

2005             Gruppenausstellung des Diplomprojektes „Seeigel“, Kramsach

2010             „My paranoid fantasy“, Einzelausstellung, Leoben

2012             „Konsum Unser“, Happening, Altes Gymnasium ,Leoben

2013             Gestaltung eines Schädels aus Filz, im Rahmen der Ausstellung „Faszination Schädel“,

                       MuseumsCenter Leoben

2016             „ Why should we be pretty ? “ , Happening, Atelier Schmuckes, Graz

2018             Le(o)bensbilder – Le(o)bensspuren, Gruppenausstellung mit Katarina Sweda,

                      Strauß aus Filz, MuseumsCenter Leoben

2020            Kuoka, Onlinegallerie

2020 Mitglied artfactory-Graz

About me

I have loved the surrealistic drawing style since I had an inspiration a long time ago. I try to develop the style, because of that I deal with the psychoanalyses. The colors are as important as the figures. When I look at the drawn pictures, I try to interpret them, but often I find no answer.My subconscious have something against. The pictures often have a different title depending on how I feel. But I know one thing with certainty, the pictures are about shadow and light and the archetypes of my influenced culture. Carl Jung said, “Anyone who perceives his shadow and his light simultaneously sees himself from two sides and thus gets in the middle.” I am hopeful!  I have a mental disability since I was a child,  longtime I was ashamed of my art, because my pictures are  very personal. I hated myself and of course my pictures. But today I understand, that the viewer of the pictures always interprets himself. Perhaps the pictures act awareness raising. It is important to me, that I draw different perspectives in one figure, thereby arise different contemplations and the figures tell stories. The figures often are connected to the background color, because this way the viewer could interpret the color and understands more the story. For example blue color for water (= the emotionality). Also the blue color depends on blue bright or blue dark. In general the viewer shall read my pictures and if that does not  work, freely associate.