Udo E. Wiedner was born May 18th 1967 in Graz, Austria. Throughout Highschool, he excelled in the art-classes and won several local artcompetitions. In 1982 he applied for the art programm in Ortweinschule Graz and was accepted, but was not permitted to enroll.

In 1988 Udo E. Wiedner left for New York City. He graduated from New York Institute of Photography in 1992. After his graduation Udo moved to Boston and worked as a Freelance Photographer and Photographic Printmaker for companies like »Black & White Inc.«, »Palm Press« and »Boston Cigar Lifestyles«.

During his time in Boston he opened his own Photo-studio and started his Artist career, winning several prize’s in New England Photographic Competitions as well as showing in many distinguished Boston Galleries, such as »Pucker Gallery«, »The White Elephant Gallery« or »Collage Ink«.

Seeking new opportunities, Udo moved to Nagano Japan in 1999 his biggest Fine Art Photography exhibit »Waltz«, a joint venture with the Haiku Poet Lauron Babsone took place.

It was also Japan that made him engage in new art forms until the first collages were created, which paved the new way for his new mixed media creations. The year 2011 marked new beginnings as the artist moved back to Austria with his family. In May 2017 his first exhibition »Japan 2.0 Remix« proofed to be a great success and is followed by the second exhibit this year in November, called »Mundane Porntraits«.